Bee Ulmo Raw Honey Certified APF 150+


BEE ULMO APF 150+ is recommended for high-performers (athletes, entrepreneurs, students, and workers under high-demand, high-stress conditions) Immune System + Energy Booster.

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Experience The Unique Flavor & Sweet Aroma Of 100% Pure & Raw Ulmo Honey!

At Bee Ulmo, we bring you honey directly from the beehive without any processing or filtering to maintain all the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins it has to offer making it a delicious and simple way to support an active lifestyle.

Our ulmo honey is packed and sourced exclusively from Patagonia. It’s a superfood that’s has a variety of nutrients and antioxidants that work together to help promote overall health and makes a delicious addition to your daily diet without using any artificial ingredients,

Support Your Health & Give Your Tastebuds A Treat

When it comes to purity, we make no exceptions. Bee Ulmo unfiltered honey is made without using any GMOs, additives, fillers, parabens, sugar, sweeteners or artificial ingredients to make sure what you get is honey in its purest form.

Ulmo raw honey has a unique, floral flavor that’s exclusive to only Patagonia. You can eat it raw, put it on a cake, spread it over bread, mix with milk, and more to add a touch of sweetness to your diet that’s not only delicious but also helps promote energy.

More Benefits You’ll Love:
– Unprocessed honey is naturally sweet and doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners
– Each batch is carefully harvested with close attention to even the smallest details
– It’s the perfect addition to dessert, smoothie and sauce recipes
– Ideal for making DIY face masks, facial cleansers and more to promote softer skin
– Makes for a delicious addition to your breakfast to help you start your day the right way

Enjoy Honey The Way It Was Meant To Be With Bee Ulmo Unfiltered Raw Honey!

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