Bee Ulmo Raw Honey Certified APF 100+


Bee Ulmo Certified APF 100+, Raw Ulmo Honey, Chilean Patagonia’s #1 Ulmo Brand, Bioactive Honey with Natural Antibacterial Power.

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Experience The Unique Flavor & Sweet Aroma Of 100% Pure & Raw Ulmo Honey!

  • AUTHENTIC RAW ULMO HONEY: With a sweet and deep flavor along with a variety of health benefits, ulmo floral honey makes the perfect addition to your diet to support your health and everyday wellness in a delicious way
  • RAW & UNPROCESSED: When we say our honey is raw, we mean it. Our unfiltered raw honey is extracted from honeycombs and goes directly into the jar without any filtration or heating to maintain its nutrition and antioxidants
  • FLORAL & DEEP FLAVOR: Ulmo honey is unlike anything you’ve tried before. Unlike processed honey, our raw unfiltered honey has a unique flavor reminiscent of Patagonian flowers which coupled with the sweet aroma will keep you coming back for more
  • SUPPORT YOUR HEALTH: Ulmo raw honey is packed with minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients while maintaining a sweet and deep flavor without relying on sweeteners or sugars to help support your health and promote overall well being
  • MADE WITH CARE: Each honey jar is made with close attention to even the smallest details while being respectful of the environment and the bees. This is why we don’t use any additives or artificial ingredients to maintain the unique flavor and nutrients of Patagonian honey
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